When and How to Mow Your New Lawn

When and How to Mow Your New Lawn

New lawns require time to become established and set down a root system before they are mowed. If you’ve seeded your lawn, it may be as long as two months before it can be mowed. Sod, on the other hand, may need to be mowed within three weeks of being laid. Plugs, sprigs and stolons can take as much as six weeks to become firmly established. If you’ve seeded your lawn, all seeds must have germinated before you mow. Plugs, sprigs, stolons and sod must have roots firmly set before they’re mowed to prevent damage. Our landscape maintenance team can do grass cutting for you or your property in Dublin. You can always get us to mow your lawns.

Lawn Mowing Rules

  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height.
  • Assure the lawn is completely dry before mowing to prevent damage.
  • Check your mower’s instruction manual and set the mower to the proper height for new lawns.
  • Keep your blades sharp for the best results. Dull or out of balance blades will cause you and your equipment to work harder.
  • Mow at the highest recommended height and then mow again after a few days.
  • Mow your lawn every four to five days if grass has grown adequately. Mowing too frequently will scalp a new lawn.

If your lawn is fairly large, then you can hire ride on tractor mower in Dublin. Our machine can mow 2.5 acre an hour.

Grass cutting tip

Remember: only cut 1/3 of the grass height. Example: If your grass is three inches high, only cut one inch. This will keep your lawn lush, healthy and well-groomed.

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