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Bring uncontrolled growth into line.

Tree Services & Removal – Bring uncontrolled growth into line

QUALIFIED ARBORISTS ready to take care of all aspects of tree work from small pruning to large removals and site clearance.

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Tree Services & Tree Removal Services in Dublin

Our team at Celtic Gardens Tree Services have experience in various aspects of tree care and tree maintenance. We have the right tools and expertise to complete all work - from light tree pruning all the way through to difficult removals. We also have public liability insurance so you can rest assured that you are protected from any eventuality. Get in touch for a free quote.

Celtic Gardens Tree Services are qualified to undertake tree removals, including dead and dangerous trees. We have extensive experience in providing tree service in the safest possible manner for you the customer and for our staff. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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Tree Removal Dublin

Sometimes it becomes necessary for complete tree removal, whether your tree is diseased, dying or presents a hazard to you or your property. Where it has grown too large in an inappropriate location, removal of the tree is often the most appropriate option.
Similarly, where pruning options are limited the removal of the tree may be the best action to take.

Tree Surgeons Dublin

We are qualified Dublin tree surgeons who can quickly and safely remove any tree at your convenience. As an experienced arborists we are capable of removing all types of trees, even those in difficult locations! We have the right tools to ensure that any tree removals are completed safely and to your requirements.
Our professional team of arborists and tree care specialists in Dublin know how to work efficiently and safely, ensuring the job is done properly. We know how dangerous tree maintenance can be, so we follow strict safety guidelines and do not take any risks when it comes to our safety or the safety of your property.
According to your needs, we can also chip the tree, grind the stump and remove the remains.

Tree Surgery Dublin

You may find below interesting.
Ornamental trees should be pruned to remove competing branches. Weeping Cherries, Flowering Dogwoods, Flowering Crab Apples etc. have a tendency to send branches in many different directions. It is your job to decide how you want the tree to look, and then we start pruning to achieve that look.

But first we - professional Dublin arborists - stick our heads inside the tree and see what we can eliminate from there. This is like looking under the hood, and when you do you'll see a lot of small branches that have been starved of sunlight, that certainly don't add anything to the plant, they are just there, and should be cut out.

Any branch that is growing toward the center of the tree where it will get little sunlight should be cut out. Where there are two branches that are crossing, one of them should be eliminated. Once we get the inside of the tree cleaned up, we can start shaping the outside of the tree.

Shaping the outside is actually quite easy. Just picture how you want the tree to look, and picture imaginary lines of the finished outline of the plant. Cut off anything that is outside of these imaginary lines. It is also important to cut the tips of branches that have not yet reached these imaginary lines in order to force the tree to fill out.

For the most part trees have two kinds of growth. Terminal branches and lateral branches. Each branch has one terminal bud at the very end, and many lateral branches along the sides. The terminal buds grow in an outward direction away from the plant. Left uncut they just keep growing in the same direction, and the plant grows tall and very thin. That's why the trees in the woods are so thin and not very attractive.

When we cut a branch on a tree, the plant sets new buds just below where you cut. When we remove the terminal bud, the plant will set multiple buds. This is how you make a tree nice and full. Don't be afraid to do tree pruning, the tree will be much nicer because of it. The more you trim the trees, the fuller they become.

Lots of people have a real problem with this. They just can't bring themselves to prune. Especially when it comes to plants like Japanese Red Maples. It kills them to even think about pruning a tree like this. Just do it! You'll have a beautiful tree because of it.

Look at the tree objectively. If you see a branch that looks like it's growing too far in the wrong direction, cut it. If you make a mistake it will grow back. Not pruning is the only mistake you can make. I hope this helps and doesn't get you in trouble with your significant other. Many a family feud has started over pruning.

Winter is a good time to do some trees cutting or trees pruning if the temperatures are low. We don't recommend trees surgery if it's considerably below freezing because the wood is brittle and will shatter when you make a cut.

One of the advantages of doing tree surgery during the winter is that you can see much better what needs to be cut out and what should stay. At least that's true with deciduous trees. The other advantage is that the trees are dormant, and won't mind you doing a little work on them.

Tree removal can be done at any time of the year. Here, at Celtic Gardens, we are professional arborists offering Tree Removal service in Dublin, trees cutting, tree crown lifting and tree felling service. We do tree stump removal and stump grinding service. Tree surgery in Dublin - we do it well!

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