Growing climbing roses

Growing climbing roses

Climbing roses are cultivars characterized by long shoots similar to creepers. These bushes when covered with flowers are undoubtedly the decoration of each garden and look beautifully with a variety of colours, grown on supports, grids and pergolas. How to plant and take care of climbing roses in your garden? We will guide you step by step. We have been doing garden maintenance Blackrock where we successfully maintain beautiful climbing roses.

Climbing Roses Blackrock

Climbing roses Blackrock


How to plant and grow climbing roses in your garden?

Before planting roses should be watered plentifully so that the soil in the pot is well moist. Dig a hole 2-3 times bigger than the root ball. At the bottom put down a layer of garden turf or multipurpose compost. Roses are best grown in pervious and compost-rich soil. Despite their popular name, climbing roses do not self-climb on the support. They should be tied in such a way that the shoots run as flat as possible along the support poles or walls. This way the plant gets maximum of sun and the flower buds will burst and the whole wall will cover the flowers.

How to care about climbing roses

During the vegetation period is important to check whether the roses do not appear to be attacked by insects or have fungal diseases. The list of insects that feed on roses is long. Their sweet smell lures aphids, whitefly, thrips and other insects. Therefore, it is important to immediately protect them by spraying with a systemic rose spray. This type of spray is quickly absorbed by leaves and young twigs and moves along with the sap juice throughout the plant. Insects feeding on the sap juice of plants die even if not directly sprayed. The treatment protects bushes against insects for up to 21 days.

Similarly, we deal with fungal diseases. Throughout the horticultural season we control whether the plant is not infected by fungal pathogens and react immediately when we see something disturbing. The most common illness found on roses is powdery mildew, rose rust and black spot.

Do not forget about regular fertilization and watering your roses. If they are in good condition they will become more resistant to fungal diseases and insects.

It is worth to plant climbing roses in the garden, because they are beautiful decoration of garden walls, pergolas and trellises. The newly planted rose grows very quickly and after 2-3 years it grows to its full size.

When climbing roses are grown laterally they will often produce more blooms than those that grow vertically.

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