Garden Maintenance for a Colourful Dublin Garden

Colourful Dublin Garden

When it is springtime, it is the best time to take care of your beautiful Dublin garden. Most of the landscapers plan the maintenance in a way that the flowers tend to seed in the autumn. By the time spring arrives, the ground looks messy and damages the other seedlings. The best time of the year to prune your plants is spring. The garden maintenance servicemen can cut the dead branches once the new leaves are about to come out.

colourful garden Sutton

Colourful garden in Sutton

Spring is the time for freshness and growth

If you are eyeing garden maintenance, spring is the best time to get started. It heralds new growth and fresh air. This is why people love roaming around in the garden with their loved ones. It is worth it if you devote time to spring garden maintenance so that you can take delight in the summer months. Reap the best benefits and save money in the coming seasons.

Have a Clean Lawn

First of all, the lawn should be great to look at. The professional specialized in garden maintenance is qualified for removing the dead grass, moss and weeding out the entire space. They can sow fresh grass seeds, hydrate them appropriately with water and keep off the birds when it comes to germination. Plants thrive in warm weather. Make sure that the expert applies a fertilizer that is water soluble. If there is frosting, go slowly as it kills fresh growth.

What if you own a rose garden?

If you are the owner of a rose garden, you should know that roses are known for their elegance and class. The garden maintenance expert will prune the crisscross branches and deadwood. They will keep the middle of the rose bush open for appropriate circulation of air. Read our advices on growing climbing roses.

Enjoy the splash of colour

Spend some time with the garden maintenance landscapers by going through their flower borders. They should clear the weed, remove the dead foliage and eliminate the dead branches. This will create a colourful stretch of land once the specialist plants seasonal flowers and herbs.

Secure your hedges with fences so as to prevent the entrance of pets and other animals. Check the trees for any sort of damage as a result of storms and snowfall. A qualified Dublin tree surgeon can help with the right advice.

The expert in garden maintenance also manages the irrigation system. The drained out system will need refilling in spring. Make sure that the irrigation system is well-appointed for the fresh plants. It has to be supervised by an expert.

Is There a Pond?

Pond maintenance is a must along with garden maintenance. The landscaper should check if the water is clean, keep the healthy fish put of the water and eliminate unwanted waste. They will also filter the pond and clean the pumps.

Check the Outdoor Lights

The garden maintenance personnel you hire should be qualified. They will check the garden lighting system once a year, since it is best not to take risks with electrics.

Give your garden a bright new look and a fresh feel with professional garden maintenance services in Dublin.