Crown Lifting Tree Services

Crown Lifting Tree Services

Crown lifting is one of Celtic Gardens tree services that is in much demand. It is the selective removal of the lower branches of the crown of a tree in order to enhance the distance between the ground level and the base of the canopy. If possible, such pruning should be carried out before the tree attains maturity so as to avoid major wounds. This allows more light to come in and prevents any kind of obstacles. If you are concerned about the health of your tree, it is best not to take a chance. Hire a professional arborist to take care of them. They can take care of the different kinds of problems because they are specialized in the field, and can handle all kinds of tree work.

Crown Reduction Tree Services Dublin

There is not only crown lifting that is possible. You can also go for crown reductions if so required. This allows you to touch on the overall size and height of the tree by eliminating the ends of branches throughout the crown evenly, leaving you with a balanced and well-maintained shape. This crown treatment procedure is a complete one and does not deal with height reduction only, but also focuses on the side branches. It is usually specified with regards to the percentage terms by which the crown is to be reduced. The method is used for different reasons. These include:

  • Reduction of wind resistance
  • Uptake of water
  • Controlling the size of the tree in a constrained environment
  • Allow more light to come in

Crown Thinning Tree Services Dublin

Crown thinning refers to the selective removal of the internal branches throughout the tree evenly in order to reduce the crown density. However, this does not change the overall shape or size of the tree. The process of crown thinning will not usually be carried out on coniferous trees, and hence it is usually limited to the broadleaf deciduous trees. Crown thinning is done in order to deal with the damage which can result from crown resistance to the powerful winds. The crown can be thinned to allow more of light and air through the canopy.

In the thinning of crown, the foliage of the tree is opened and it reduces the weight on heavy limbs. This helps in retaining the natural shape of the tree. The part of the branches that is to be removed is stated as a percentage of the entire crown.

Finding Professional Tree Services Dublin

Tree surgery is not an easy job, and most people are not qualified for it. This is why you should call for professional services. Qualified tree surgeons are experts in the field and can help you out. It is best to go for a qualified provider which can also tell whether your trees are protected. If they are, the tree surgeon will also get the permissions on your behalf, offer free advice and an estimate of the price.

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